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Beauty is a

fundamental rights

Changjiang Yuechen

Former bureau of Hualien Cultural Bureau

"Because of learning, a lifetime can influence and change a person, and it's worth it!"

Jiang Yuechen, chairman of the Hualien Lifeline Association and an otolaryngologist, has a literati temperament between his eyebrows; in fact, the former cultural director who is committed to promoting Hualien's cultural and creative industry has always been keen on art and literature and is more concerned about aesthetics in remote villages. Root and promotion, the artistic company of "Course to Use", Jiang Yuechen has never been absent.

After graduating from medical school and staying in President Rong for seven years, he returned to his hometown to take over the office of director of Hualien Culture. Jiang Yuechen recalled the pain he encountered in his medical work, the loneliness and the separation and death of the President, and he felt that only "beauty" was the power of redemption. Therefore, during his tenure, the frequency of Hualien people coming to the library to borrow and read books was the most concerned thing for him, the cultural director. "The more remote the village, the more resource-poor, the more need for education and exchanges rooted in the United States." Even after resigning, Jiang Yuechen returned to his role as a doctor and still devoted himself to promoting local culture, art and sponsorship.

Dr. Jiang used the "East Coast Foundation" to appeal to the private collections of medical collectors and friends and to hold art exhibitions, so that villagers who are generally far away from art have the opportunity to contact and cultivate aesthetic appreciation. Regarding Taiwan's "Course to Use", he invested time and energy, and continued to use art as his original intention. In fact, the former Hualien Cultural Director owned two paintings by Jin Genhong as a personal collection. Jiang Yuechen said with a smile, I hope Hualien people can Get to know more about artists from your hometown. "Course to Use" is almost a tailor-made art therapy "education" that nourishes the remote villages. During his tenure, he can see the cultural and creative vitality of his fellow villagers due to the initiation of beauty. Jiang Yuechen said that there is nothing better than using art. Serving the hometown is more meaningful.

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桃園復興鄉奎輝國小 繪本課展.jpg

Chen Shixian, director of the "Course to Use" who is deeply involved in Hualien, said with empathy that Hualien is beautiful, but other than that, what else can we use to retain people's feelings for Fengbin Township? Art can be more lifelike, more WTO-involved, and more actively rooted in children in remote villages, so that these nourished and inspired seeds will one day grow up to help more people and more remote villages. Regarding the question of "Why are resources concentrated in fixed schools and units?" during promotion, Chen Shixian, who is engaged in farming and flower art in his hometown, said that continuous attention is the consistent purpose of "Course to Use", and it is also different from other public welfare units. In the future, in order to exert a greater influence on art, "Course to Use" will actively seek the strength of civil society groups, such as the Youth Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club, to spread the exchange of art throughout remote villages in different forms and contents.

Humans have the right to live and work. Who said that art appreciation is also a basic right of human beings? In fact, there is no remote hometown, no distance, "beauty, just care about the gap of companionship."

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