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加入天使會員, 我們替您捐公益


1. 每月認養 $2,000:回饋「蜂蜜3瓶+捐款收據」

2. 每月認養 $6,000:回饋「蜂蜜9瓶蜂蜜+捐款收據」

3.每月認養 $8,000:回饋「蜂蜜15瓶蜂蜜+捐款收據」

4.每月認養 $15,000:回饋「蜂蜜25瓶蜂蜜+捐款收據」

5.每月認養 $30,000:回饋「蜂蜜40瓶蜂蜜+捐款收據」

*其他金額或回饋品(請與我們聯絡, 或於表單內填寫您欲認養的金額)

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"Course to Use" is a gift for out-of-town children. It uses music, photography, dance, painting, flower arrangement and other art courses to accompany disadvantaged children who lack educational resources for a long time. I hope to be able to accompany with art to sow the seeds of hope for the remote villages. Through the power of art initiation, let children open their eyes, break through the limitations of life, discover and fall in love with their talents, and then grow the motivation to learn and grow

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