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Chen Xinting, co-founder of Taiwan

Give a Class Association

"Interest is the best teacher"

"I'm very willing to find talent."

Chen Xinting, with the original intention of not being abandoned by her teachers since she was a child, not only went her own way, but also initiated Taiwan Give a Class Association plan, and continued to pay attention to the growth of a group of children who have been neglected for many years.

Since 2014, the Give a Class Association has completed 126 projects in Taiwan. Chen Xinting said that unlike other social welfare groups, which assist such as academic tutoring or donation of materials, the Give a Class Association provides long-term and dedicated companionship for disadvantaged children.

Chen Xinting discovered that artistic enlightenment is an indescribable "gift" for any child; yes, "accompany" with love and "educate" with art therapy, seeing the biases she has been cared for. The rural children grow up strong and eventually become the angels of others; Chen Xinting said with a smile. When all these are sown as seeds, that is, the Give a Class Association is a continuous force for focusing on the disadvantaged in Taiwan's remote rural areas. Under the system of education, some different thinking” is the original intention.

"Healing Yourself with Art"

Chen Xinting, born in Yilan, is in the first grade of elementary school. Her family moved to Hualien with her father, who was engaged in the cultivation of orchids. Chen Xinting recalled that under the formal system of "achievement in command" before high school, the grades were always counted down, and the road to further education was worrying. Fortunately, when she met the art of dance, everything changed.

Because of infirmity, I learned to dance when I was a child." I just didn't expect that dance would change Chen Xinting's life unexpectedly. But the dance is hard, long, and lonely, and the atmosphere is always vying for the ranking of the performance. Chen Xinting is not happy. But fate was at stake. At 26, a serious injury blocked her path as a dancer. Chen Xinting said, "The shock of life at that time, but now that I think about it, it is grace."

Open the conversion runway, from studying dance to becoming a professional curator. It turns out that the character of being unfettered and loving freedom is not an outlier. From then on, art curation has become Chen Xinting's career. Before and after serving as the general manager of the Asian region of the British ST ARTE LTD curatorial company, she founded the "King's Cross Art Club".The club, the Yang Sanlang Art Museum, and other organizations organized and curated exhibitions. Through her personal experience, she proved that academic performance is not an inevitable decision in life. Chen Xinting said, "Taking talent as a meal" is my way of healing myself with art.


"No one should be abandoned"

Get acquainted with Eric Lin Caiyue, who graduated from the Wharton School of Business in the United States and was the manager of the merger and acquisition department of Qiqi Group in the United States. Chen Xinting said with a smile that during their studies, the two were almost eliminated by the traditional educational system of formal education, which prompted each other to decide to do something for their hometown Taiwan education, and gave birth to the "Give a Class Association."

'You can complain about education in Taiwan's system, but you have to make a difference.' A simple thought is like the original intention of not being discriminated against by teachers. Chen Xinting hopes innate resources are unevenly distributed, and the rural children at the bottom of society, "No one should be given up!"

The concept of "Give a Class Association" originated from "Suspended Coffees" in Italy. More than 100 years ago, in a coffee shop in Naples, when a good thing happened, customers would pay for two cups of coffee and take one cup away. Another cup is reserved for those who need it. Chen Xinting visited remote villages all over Taiwan, selected schools or non-profit organizations that lacked resources, and proposed plans according to children's needs. On the other hand, through the platform, corporate donations or personal sponsorships can be used to organize funding sources for opening courses.

However, Eric, the founder of the "Taiwan Give a Class Association", hopes to remain independent, and does not consider establishing a foundation and applying for funding subsidies from the public sector. Even if the sponsorship and adoption are not enough, Chen Xinting said, so far, the promised courses have adhered to the end. In the early days of the establishment, it was found that the turnover rate of teachers in rural education was high, so the hourly fee was set far higher than the general salary, and the teaching content was inspired by creativity. To start, even due to the actual needs of the local area, it is different from the general coursework. Chen Xinting emphasized that the Giva a Class Association does not forcefully intervene in the original education system, but opens up its horizons through professional teaching across borders and different fields to help children see their value.

高雄 那瑪夏 在深山中跳舞 (1).JPG
新北瑞濱國小 花藝 繪本與舞蹈課 (3).JPG

"Discover the healing education of art"

Chen Xinting, who has accumulated rich international curatorial qualifications, invites art professionals with the same philosophy from all over the world, teaches them according to their aptitude, and sows the seeds of hope. At the same time, through the Internet and art charity bazaars, we raise funds to sponsor courses from society to help with education in remote villages. To allow teachers and adopters to be truly localized, the association launched the Looking for Alumni Campaign. On average, one person only needs to make a small monthly donation of 1,000 yuan, and ten people can start a course.

In 2022, entering its eighth year, the Course to Be Used is planned. In-depth visits to Xiulin Township, Fengbin Township, Kaohsiung City, and Fuxing District of Taoyuan City, etc. in Hualien County, with more than 2,277 hours continuous attention, yielded extraordinary results. For example, Beibin Elementary School in Hualien specializes in painting and calligraphy. Jin Genhong, a paralyzed "45-degree angle painter" from Changuang Nursery and Fengbin Township, who has been bedridden for 20 years and only moves his head and neck, draws a beautiful rainbow in his heart because of his study of painting. Mao, Shunyi Aboriginal Museum, Hualien County Cultural Bureau Art Museum Office Exhibition and auction, ignite hope for the future.

Art is the beginning of Chen Xinting's lifelong learning; the concept of freedom, to find an interest in going out for herself. Along the way, over and over again, the endurance and willpower to repeat the basic movements of each ballet has already become Chen Xinting's daily life; and when she communicates with major museums in the role of art curator, she has the opportunity to stand in front of the great relics of mankind, the shock of being inspired by history makes her think about the revelation and future of human nature? Chen Xinting believes that the discipline of dancing and the vision of art curatorial are her motivation and training never to compromise when faced with challenges. Especially in the implementation of the Give a Class Association plan, Chen Xinting is not afraid of challenges, regardless of the pressure from fundraising or the opening of classes Children's constant attention.

After years of contact and understanding, Chen Xinting realized that what tribal children need is not necessarily mercy and supplies. It's a change of mind. The gift that Give a Class Association gives children is an opportunity to discover their talents, build self-confidence, and thus change their lives.

新北瑞濱國小 花藝 繪本與舞蹈課 (6).JPG
新北瑞濱國小 花藝 繪本與舞蹈課 (17).jpg
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